Saturday, 28 April 2012

Clinique House Of Frasier

Most of the companies that have done the makeovers have been rather make-up based I wanted to get a better skin care consultation so set my sights on Clinique. I have heard that Clinique is the place to go for good skin care and good make-up too. So I managed to book my model in for a full makeover yet again in House of Frasier on Oxford street. It seems like House of Frasier is the best place to go to get a varied range of counter freebies. I will as usual keep you informed.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lancome Makeover

Lancome Make-over
When we arrived at the Lancôme counter there were people everywhere checking out their promotion, which was 'Buy any two products to get a free travel pack'. Most of the counter staff were busy, however they managed to fit us in.

The staff were friendly and helpful, the counter was clean and hygienic. The makeover took around 20 minutes, as they were so busy, and the make-up was fantastic.

We were greeted by Maria, our make-up artist, who has been working for Lancôme for five years. She is trained in make-up artistry and also by Lancôme in house. She was very knowledgeable about make-up techniques and Lancôme products and was happy to pass as much information on to us as she could. All the make-up application is done in front of a well lit mirrored work station so you can see the make-up being applied step by step.

Day Make-up
Since they were so busy Maria asked if it was ok to just do the basics and we agreed. She started by removing the models eye make-up with 'Bificil' which contains oil so there was no need to moisturise.
Day eyes

Make-up application (natural look):
Maria then proceeded with the makeover by applying a light layer of foundation by tipping it on to a pallet and using a clean brush to apply. Next she applied a compact powder to the models face by transferring it from the pot to a tissue. She then used a big clean brush to apply the powder to the face. This is good hygiene as it stops any germs being carried from one client to another. The powder was lightly applied just to freshen up the models remaining foundation.

Maria then started on the eyes she used a pallet with two colours in it called 'In the mood for Saint Germaine'. She applied the light green colour on the eye lid from the inside corner all the way to the outer corner and up to the brow bone. Next she applied the green colour under the eye from the inner corner near the bottom eye lashes to the outer corner.

She finished the eye by applying the darker green to the eye lids outer corner and blending it up in to the socket and out. Finally she put blusher on the apples of the cheeks using a brush and colour fever lip lacquer and gloss on the lips.

Night Make-up
Make-up application (night wear)
Maria transformed the look by using a pallet of four colours called 'Intempore smoky' for the eyes. She applied white to the brow bone to highlight it. Then she blended the white down all over the eye, as a base to blend other colours. She then added grey over the eye lids under the brow bone. Next she applied black with a brush just above the eye lashes, dragged it out into a flick and smudged it up into the socket line. Then she applied black with a thin brush under the eye from the outer eye lashes right up to the inner eye lashes.

To give the eye more definition she used a Kohl black eye liner just above the eye lashes and pulled it out into a corner flick. She also applied it under the eye and blended it all.

Maria gave some great advice. She said after doing smoky or dark eyes, apply the foundation. This means that if you make a mistake you can just wipe it off without worrying about your applied base. So when she had finished the eyes, she cleaned the face and touched up the foundation.

Next she applied more rouge to the apples of the cheeks and finished the look by adding plain lipstick to compliment the strong eye make-up.
Night Make-up eyes
Bi-Facil eye make-up remover £20.00
2 eye pallet In the mood for Saint Germaine (C01) £25.50
4 eye pallet Intemore Smoky (G10) £35.00
Foundation tint idol (03) £29.80
Compact powder Beige Albatre (01) £25.00
Rouge Pop N’cheeks (01) £32.00
Colour fever gloss (306) £18.50
Colour fever lacquer (100) £18.50
Kohl eye liner £15.00
Lipstick colour fever lacquer (320) £18.50

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lancome Promotional Days

I booked in for a make-over with Lancôme today in Debenhams in Oxford Street. They explained that they couldn’t do it there and then as they were fully booked also the wanted my model to buy two products afterwards.

When I explained that it was for an online blog, to compare their products to others, they said that they would do it on a promotional day. The reason for this is that on promotional days they traffic stop people to sell and promote their products. There are usually a lot of people working on the counter that are only too happy to do a makeover.

Promotional days at Lancôme are usually on Saturdays and they have great deals I advise you find out when and what the promotion is and check it out.