Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nail news

In this party season we all want to look good and why not start with our nails?

The nail market is booming at the moment with every brand introducing new products, so here is some of the in news.

Essie have brought out a range of bold colours for the autumn to match the classic statement fashion of the moment. 'Stylenomics', an opulent green which is said to be the new black; 'Recessionista' is a smart and sassy magenta; the chic and executive greige comes in the form of 'miss fancy pants'; a gorgeous burgundy under the name of 'skirting the issue', 'Dont sweater it' is a warm mauve, or why not take charge with the red 'Head mistress'?

For those who prefer gel nail polishes, Artistic Fall have introduced a new mood inspired collection. The new shades reflect the mood of the season on catwalks and trends hitting the high street. Colours range from a striking velvet cherry to subtle pink as well as embracing chocolate and gold shades.

Magnetic and metalic looks are the main trend this season and China Glaze have embraced this and released their new magnetix range. This polish creates a tiger stripe effect after the magnetic brush cap is hovered over wet nails. This new range comes in eight magnificent colours including gold, blue, pink, mauve, brown and silver.

As we all know sometimes the smell of nails list can be overwhelming for some people this is why Ferity have created scented enamel. There are three different ranges on offer at the moment fruit, floral and the scent of gossip. They have also created their scented nail polish remover pads with fruitylicious smells.

Color club a NYC based company's brain child Ruby Wing have come up with a photochromic nail varnish which changes colour in the sun. One bottle gives you two distinct colours. This range comes in 18 colour bottles creating 36 stunning shades.

Lastly, over the last few years nail wraps have grown with popularity. Nail FX have introduced their 3D nail wraps coming in 36 stunning designs while Kooky have brought out metallic animal print wraps for those of you who are more adventurous.

Friday, 2 November 2012

NYX my new fave make up brand

Olympia beauty for any beauty fanatic is like a treasure trove of fascination. It's an eagerly anticipated annual event, a day where you can pick up products at trade prices. This year I went with the intention of checking out new cosmetics on the scene, of course that did not transpire and I ended up begrudgingly spending some of my hard earned cash.

One of the Main attractions for me were China glaze where I bought two of the new Bohemian range nail enamels. I could go on for hours about how good china glaze are but I won't because most of you beauty lovers will know, however the bohemian range gives your nails a lovely two tone effect that is slightly metallic, the in look this winter.

The other was the NYX professional make up stand. It seems to have grown in popularity as the crowds surrounding it were almost impossible to infiltrate. NYX cosmetics have built a strong reputation within the professional make up market world wide and are still growing in popularity.

NYX , pronounced niks, was named after the Greek goddess of the night, in Greek mythology she ruled nightfall. She is a symbol of beauty and power, the brand uses this as inspiration to bring cosmetics to empower the everyday woman.

I bought the blusher, bronzer combo, a body bronzer and the soft matte lip cream. I must say I am thrilled with the results, on a daily bases someone asks me about what make up I use on my lips and cheeks, and I am happy to tell them "NYX". My cheeks look like they have a healthy glow, and my lips not only feel smooth but look great.

Luckily for us girls NYX has finally come to London and I can't wait to try more of their fantastic affordable products, I advise you to also.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Bliss Fabulous Skin-rejuvenating Rubberising Mask

I was given this face mask to try over the weekend, and I must say I am very pleased with the results.
It comes to your home straight from Bliss spa and its rubber texture enhances absorption of key ingredients to deliver healthy skin.

The secret to this unique face mask is the Algin which rubberises it allowing the key ingredients like seaweed, which draws out impurities, bilberry and vitamin C, which sooth and calm the skin fending off free radicals, leaving the skin brighter with an even tone and texture.

To begin with I was not happy with the mask but that was my fault. It said leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes and then peel it off. However I decided that after the twenty minutes some of the mask still looked a damp grey colour, while other parts looked white and cracked. So I left it on for a bit longer. After half an hour most of it looked dry-ish so I decided to peel it off, which didn’t work. I was forced to scratch the dry bits off while the moist bits peeled away like they should have done. So in conclusion I left it on too long and should have taken it off when it went from purple to grey, and not white. My face ended up red and irritated but after a few minutes it all went down leaving my skin looking clean and vibrant. It had a healthy glow, looked even in tone and was soft to the touch.

I will use this face mask again and at £35 for a pack of 6 it’s quite the bargain!    

Lush’s new FUN bar

Lush, one of my favorite bath brands, have unveiled their latest invention the ‘FUN’ bar. I must say I think it is their most fabulous invention yet, but that may just be my childish side coming out to play at bath time.

This multi-purpose, mouldable soap is amazing, you can wash your hands with it, shower with it and bath with it for masses of bubbles. But that’s not all you can use this soap to wash your hair or clothes with as well as being able to play and mould it because of the putty like texture.

The FUN bar has a softening base of corn flour, talc and glycerine. Cornstarch or corn flour is made from maize which is used to make a thick paste for cooking and confectionery making. When mixed with water Cornstarch forms a gel which makes the skin soft and tender. The Glycerine is palm-free and made from vegetable oils, so it’s great for dry or sensitive skin with its high moisturising qualities. The FUN bar is solid, with little water content so uses no preservatives. It is gentle on the skin, hair, scalp and body so is great for the whole family. It is even wrapped in a biodegradable film of cellulose, made from eucalyptus. Once it has been disposed of, it breaks down in to water and carbon dioxide in the natural environment, so it’s even good for the environment.  

The FUN bar comes in five different colours and smells:
-Sentai Ranger Green, was what I received, with lemon and lime oils to awaken the senses. After I bathed in it I smelt like a green Starburst.
-Sentai Ranger Yellow contains Vanilla and Gardenia extracts for a comforting marzipan aroma.
-Sentai Ranger Blue makes for a calming soothing bath with its mix of calming oils such as Lavender and Camomile.
-Sentai Ranger Red possesses a fruity combination of orange and mandarin oils revitalising the mind.
-Sentai Ranger Pink is a girly sweet treat mix of tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid which have warming qualities and help with circulation.  

Friday, 28 September 2012


My favorite beauty brand at the moment has to be L'Occitane, I am in love with it. It all started when I got a sample of the Creme Mains Peaux Seches, Shea butter hand creme free with a magazine about a year ago. I thought nothing of it and just chucked it in my bag. Until my hands felt dry from the winter cold later that day and I remembered it, got it out, and applied it. That was it, I was hooked, the smell was divine and my skin felt soft as satin for the rest of the day. I have tried other hand cremes since then, of course, that's my job, but none of them ever match the moisturization of L'Occitane.

I was recently shopping for a good friends birthday present and could not think of what to get her, purely by chance I stumbled upon a L'Occtane shop in Westfield Shepherds Bush. The choice of gifts and gift ideas were overwhelming and I knew she would like anything I purchased from there, because I wanted it all. Everything was so chic and had that classic Perisian look. The perfumes smelt divine especially the Rose De Champs, the face cremes catered for every skin type possible, the travel packs were so cute I wanted to book a holiday just to use them. Very importantly, it was all in my price range, so its not expensive at all, an absolute bargain. I ended up buying my friend a pack for her face with a cleanser, toner and a moisturiser, the lady at the till wrapped it for me free of charge and put it in a lovely bag. I was so impressed I signed up for their mailing list and every month I get a beautifully designed card through my door with great offers, deals and discounts.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Join the UltraLift Challange!

Garnier, in their nationwide advertising campaign have invited consumers to join the UltraLift Challenge.

To take part, go to to request your free kit. This will include 14 free samples of Garnier UltraLift crème, amounting to a  generous 21ml of UltraLift Day Cream, and a Wrinkle Reader.

Designed in the L’Oréal laboratories and used as a scientific tool to clinically grade wrinkles, the Garnier UltraLift ‘Wrinkle Reader’ has never been available to the public. Its aim is to help participants track the improvement in the appearance of their crow’s feet to really see for a difference after the 14 day trial.

To start, Garnier ask that you match the UltraLift wrinkle reader to your skin type. Then you use the free crème daily and at the end of the 14 days re-evaluate your skin again with the wrinkle reader. Et voila, send in your comments, results and feedback.

UltraLift day triple action formula is said to act in 3 ways. By Immediately hydrating skin to make it noticeably smoother and softer. With its Anti-wrinkle action, enriched with Pro-Retinol derived from nature, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, even deep ones. Lastly its Firming action leaves your skin feeling noticeably firmer.

My mum is trying it I shall let you know how she gets on!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Olympia Beauty

Professional Beauty is returning to Olympia London on the 23-24th September 2012 in association with Louise Page academy, a professional make-up school. This explains why, for the first year running, they are holding The Art of make-up competition over the two days. This year it is ‘Grecian Goddess’ themed with two categories, Best Newcomer and Junior Make-up Artist of the Year. There are over £10,000 worth of prizes to be won and winners will have their work published in FACEON Magazine, official media sponsor of the show. Anyone can enter as long as their details are in before Friday the 16th of August.

Along with the make-up competition this year The Nailympics London, the UK’s biggest nail competition, will be running.  For all of you who are unaware this is one of the world’s most prestigious nail events.

The show will be larger than ever before showcasing over 400 of the industry’s most iconic brands including over 150 new launches and previews for 2013. There will also be over 40 live educational seminars over four stages and arenas including Beauty, Make-Up, Fashion, Nails, and new to this year Medical aesthetics.

There will be the usual savings and discounts this year and entry is free to all trade visitors who pre-register at

Friday, 25 May 2012

This summers Beauty

This summer the trend is high ponytails, a natural face and red lipstick. There are many new products that have been released to make sure you look fabulous while basking in the summer sun.

The most important thing to keep in your bag during this time of year is sun tan lotion. Neutrogena have a new Ultra sheer body mist spray with an SPF of 30, 45 or 70. It provides a broad spectrum of UV protection in a mist spray with a non-greasy finish. It is waterproof, sweat proof, is oil free and won’t clog pores, the perfect blend for the summer heat.

Instead of foundation which can be quite thick and clog your pores, over the summer months try and wear a tinted moisturiser which is a lot lighter and moisturises your skin. Bare Minerals started producing a tinted moisturiser in April called Advanced Protection, this has SPF 20 in it. They are one of the best brands to use in the summer months as it contains vitamins and minerals to keep your skin healthy.

To keep those lips looking red and fresh all day long Mac have released their pro long-wear lip crème which lasts up to 12 hours. It won’t feather or rub off on those cocktail glasses while protecting and hydrating your lips from that sea breeze.

For long lasting eye shadow use crème eye shadows, these will remain looking fresh and won’t disappear the moment you break out in to a sweat. Yves Saint Laurent have a long lasting water resistant crème eye shadow that now comes in a range of summer colours.

Mix this long lasting eye shadow with a black waterproof mascara to give your eyes maximum impact. Mac's Zoom Lash is a waterproof mascara that lasts all day. Its dense formula thickens, lengthens and conditions every curve of every lash separating them to make your eyelashes look fuller.

After a day of sun you should always moisturise your skin preferably with a product that contains Aloe Vera, as it cools and soothes irritated skin. The Body Shop has a range of Aloe skin care the body butter will help moisturise the skin and revitalise it for another hot day.

This summer the latex look is in to stay in the height of fashion don’t forget your nails. Illamasqua have released their ‘Theatre of Nameless’ collection which has a new kinky rubber look finish to their chip resistant hard wearing nail varnish. There are four colours to choose from ‘Kink’, ‘Vice’, ‘Faux Pas’ and ‘Taint’. The caps of the bottles are also rubber rather than a hard plastic making them easy to work with.

Your hair needs to look as good as you feel with your sun blushed shin, Bumble and bumble's thickening hairspray works wonders to achieve a volumised look for those sultry evenings on the prowl. It can be used on any hair type and will hold your locks in place for hours.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Beauty News

Get rid of stress in your lunch hour

The North London Buddhist Centre on Holloway Road offers a great range of activities to promote health, happiness and well being. 

Currently its Body and Mind Complementary Health Centre is offering treatments to promote relaxation like homeopathy, reflexology, reiki, osteopathy, massage, psychotherapy, acupuncture, Thai massage and shiatsu. As well as these treatments the ‘Yoga and Bodyworks’ studio provides exercise classes such as yoga, tai-chi, pilates and qi-gong. 

Most importantly they have started to introduce meditation classes during lunch breaks for busy workers to relax and unwind, helping rid themselves of stress and tension before returning back to work refreshed. This has become very popular in the local area and all the centre askes for is a token of generosity in return.

New salon offering free spa day

A new salon has opened up on Holloway road called ‘Beautiful Star’, based inside ‘The Rosso Signs Business Centre’. They provide Mary Cohr facials, a pioneering skin care brand which uses the purest ingredients to promote healthy skin, as well manicures, pedicures and waxing.

The salon is currently celebrating its opening by giving free 15-minute back massages and a 10% discount on any treatment when you book in for a facial. Not only are these bargains on offer but the salon is also hosting a spa day in August, in which 70 lucky people will be invited to eat, drink, and get a day of free mini treatments. Beauty fanatics are encouraged to get in touch to snatch up your invitation: call 07515571128. 

Beauty market on the rise

It looks like now is the prime time to be involved in the beauty industry with the professional treatment market increasing by 17% over the last year. It is now worth a whopping £1.8bn annually. According to figures from market analyst Kantar World Panel, the rise is due to an increase in nail and tanning treatments as well as discounted beauty packages.

From February 2011 to February 2012 women spent almost a third more on tanning treatments, and nail care saw a 24% rise. Discounted treatment packages saw a 35% increase and body treatments rose by 21% from the previous year.  Women in the UK also spent 17% more on eye lash and brow treatments.

Many believe this increase is thanks to women trying to compete with the starlets of such reality TV shows as Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex.

AIDS drug could become the new hair removal treatment

A gel made from Cidofovir, a drug used to treat people with AIDS, has been shown to have the potential for use as a hair removal treatment.

Doctors noticed the gel caused a loss of facial hair in male patients with AIDS. Further trials were conducted by the University of Philadelphia involving 16 men who were given between 1% and 3% concentrations of the drug.

The research revealed that the loss of hair was not as apparent in the healthy men with the low dose as the men with AIDS on the highest dose possible. These findings could be developed in to a product used to stop hair growth in both men and women.

Botox on Holloway Road

‘Beautiful’ salon on Holloway road has started to offer free consultations with their new specialist practitioners.

Dr Victoria Salem, an aesthetic specialist in non-surgical procedures such as Botox, fillers and dermal rollers, welcomes people interested in these treatments to come and talk with her.

She is also going to be introducing IPL lazering to her list in order to treat long-term hair loss, acne and signs of ageing.

Shellfish could help reduce signs of ageing

Scientists from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, USA, discovered that nanoparticles found in the shells of lobsters and prawns can stimulate stem cell growth. 

The nano particles, called chitosan, could have potential in enhancing the appearance of ageing skin and accelerate the wound-healing process.

Tests on skin cell fibroblasts and keratinocytes found that the particles have skin regenerative properties.These results could have huge implications on anti-ageing and scar-reducing beauty products.

Chitosan is a natural, non-toxic, particle that can be obtained from shells of shrimps, lobsters and the beaks of octopi and squid. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Clinique House Of Frasier

Most of the companies that have done the makeovers have been rather make-up based I wanted to get a better skin care consultation so set my sights on Clinique. I have heard that Clinique is the place to go for good skin care and good make-up too. So I managed to book my model in for a full makeover yet again in House of Frasier on Oxford street. It seems like House of Frasier is the best place to go to get a varied range of counter freebies. I will as usual keep you informed.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lancome Makeover

Lancome Make-over
When we arrived at the Lancôme counter there were people everywhere checking out their promotion, which was 'Buy any two products to get a free travel pack'. Most of the counter staff were busy, however they managed to fit us in.

The staff were friendly and helpful, the counter was clean and hygienic. The makeover took around 20 minutes, as they were so busy, and the make-up was fantastic.

We were greeted by Maria, our make-up artist, who has been working for Lancôme for five years. She is trained in make-up artistry and also by Lancôme in house. She was very knowledgeable about make-up techniques and Lancôme products and was happy to pass as much information on to us as she could. All the make-up application is done in front of a well lit mirrored work station so you can see the make-up being applied step by step.

Day Make-up
Since they were so busy Maria asked if it was ok to just do the basics and we agreed. She started by removing the models eye make-up with 'Bificil' which contains oil so there was no need to moisturise.
Day eyes

Make-up application (natural look):
Maria then proceeded with the makeover by applying a light layer of foundation by tipping it on to a pallet and using a clean brush to apply. Next she applied a compact powder to the models face by transferring it from the pot to a tissue. She then used a big clean brush to apply the powder to the face. This is good hygiene as it stops any germs being carried from one client to another. The powder was lightly applied just to freshen up the models remaining foundation.

Maria then started on the eyes she used a pallet with two colours in it called 'In the mood for Saint Germaine'. She applied the light green colour on the eye lid from the inside corner all the way to the outer corner and up to the brow bone. Next she applied the green colour under the eye from the inner corner near the bottom eye lashes to the outer corner.

She finished the eye by applying the darker green to the eye lids outer corner and blending it up in to the socket and out. Finally she put blusher on the apples of the cheeks using a brush and colour fever lip lacquer and gloss on the lips.

Night Make-up
Make-up application (night wear)
Maria transformed the look by using a pallet of four colours called 'Intempore smoky' for the eyes. She applied white to the brow bone to highlight it. Then she blended the white down all over the eye, as a base to blend other colours. She then added grey over the eye lids under the brow bone. Next she applied black with a brush just above the eye lashes, dragged it out into a flick and smudged it up into the socket line. Then she applied black with a thin brush under the eye from the outer eye lashes right up to the inner eye lashes.

To give the eye more definition she used a Kohl black eye liner just above the eye lashes and pulled it out into a corner flick. She also applied it under the eye and blended it all.

Maria gave some great advice. She said after doing smoky or dark eyes, apply the foundation. This means that if you make a mistake you can just wipe it off without worrying about your applied base. So when she had finished the eyes, she cleaned the face and touched up the foundation.

Next she applied more rouge to the apples of the cheeks and finished the look by adding plain lipstick to compliment the strong eye make-up.
Night Make-up eyes
Bi-Facil eye make-up remover £20.00
2 eye pallet In the mood for Saint Germaine (C01) £25.50
4 eye pallet Intemore Smoky (G10) £35.00
Foundation tint idol (03) £29.80
Compact powder Beige Albatre (01) £25.00
Rouge Pop N’cheeks (01) £32.00
Colour fever gloss (306) £18.50
Colour fever lacquer (100) £18.50
Kohl eye liner £15.00
Lipstick colour fever lacquer (320) £18.50

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lancome Promotional Days

I booked in for a make-over with Lancôme today in Debenhams in Oxford Street. They explained that they couldn’t do it there and then as they were fully booked also the wanted my model to buy two products afterwards.

When I explained that it was for an online blog, to compare their products to others, they said that they would do it on a promotional day. The reason for this is that on promotional days they traffic stop people to sell and promote their products. There are usually a lot of people working on the counter that are only too happy to do a makeover.

Promotional days at Lancôme are usually on Saturdays and they have great deals I advise you find out when and what the promotion is and check it out.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Benefit Makeover

Benefit Make-over
Benefits makeover was not as good as I expected. Although the staff were energetic and friendly I felt a lack of hygiene and professionalism. The make-up artist did not give any kind of skin care consultation; neither did she remove any of the models make-up before starting the makeover. The makeover lasted around half an hour. The make-up artist did explain what she was doing using a mirror to show the model how to apply the make-up. What I did like about Benefit is that they provide catalogues with products and prices in them.

The make-up looked good although the model said it felt too thick perhaps this was because her old make-up was just built on. There was not much of a difference between the day and night looks either. Unfortunately we were not able to take photos in the store and so I had to use my Blackberry which may explain why they are not very clear.

The hygiene was not up to scratch, first the brushes contained remnants of old make-up meaning that they had not been cleaned thoroughly. The make-up was applied straight from pots when it should be put on to a tissue or pallet and then transferred on to the clients face. These are major problems as they can cause cross contamination in other words they can carry germs and diseases such as ring worm or conjunctivitis from one person to another. Another complaint although this may seem petty is that a wooden stick was used to apply lipstick and lip gloss; this feels rough and uncomfortable for the client, which is not good customer care.

When we first arrived at Benefit in House of Frasier in Oxford Street we were greeted politely by our make-up artist Lola. We were given stools to sit on and the girls were welcoming and friendly. Lola had been working for Benefit for a year and two months. She was not make-up trained but got the job by auditioning and was in house trained by Benefit.

Model in Day Make-up
Make up application (natural look):
Lola started by applying 'Some Kind of Gorgeous' foundation which comes in one colour suiting everyone, she applied it with a foundation brush, starting from the middle of the face.

Next she started on the eyes using a 'Big Beautiful' eye pallet which comes with three colours. She applied the middle colour all over the eyelid from eyelashes up to the brow line using a blending brush. Using the lighter colour in the pallet she highlighted the brow bone, and then she applied the darkest colour to the outer corner and blended it in to the socket line.

For the cheeks and lips Lola used a 'Posy Tint'. She applied the liquid to the apples of the cheeks using her finger rubbing it until it looked natural. Next she applied the same tint to the lips using a cotton bud.

Finally she applied the 'Bad Girl Mascara' using a clean wand to the eyelashes.

Applying lip gloss
Make-up application (night wear)
Lola started transforming the look by applying 'Hello Flawless' face powder all over the models face with a big brush, including under the chin to avoid lines and shade difference between the neck and face.

Next she applies sparkly eye shadow 'Lustre Duster' under the eyebrow to highlight the eyebrow bone. To give the model a darker shade she applied 'Rose Gold Bronzer' all over the models face and neck. For the cheeks Lola applied Sugar Bomb to the apples.

She finished by applying 'Bad Girl Plump Mascara' to the tips of the eyelashes and adding a new product 'Brow zings' to the eyebrows to define them. Finally she applied 'Kiss You Love Your Look Gloss' with a stick to the client’s lips.
Elsa's eyes
Some Kind of Gorgeous £21.50
Big Beautiful Eyes £23.50
Posy Tint £23.50
Bad girl Mascara £15.50
Hello Flawless shade Champaign £24.50
Lustre Duster shade Snow Bunny £13.50
Rose Gold Bronzer £23.50
Sugar Bomb £23.50
Bad Girl Plump Mascara £15.50
Brow zings £22.50
Kiss You Love You Look Gloss £14.00

Friday, 23 March 2012

Benefit Counter Search

Today I went for another look for other make-up counters down Oxford Street I wanted to get a makeover by Benefit as I like their make-up. I went to the Benefit counters in Selfridges, and Boots and both charged. However the counter in House of Frasier didn’t, so I booked in. It just shows if you look around and ask, you can always get what you want. I will keep you up dated on how the makeover goes.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

How To Get Testers

If you don’t ask you don’t get guys. People have asked me where to get testers and the trick is to go to a big department store and ask for them. For example I know for a fact that lots of big counters do have testers to give out. Usually you have to buy a product and then say you have been thinking about getting a new foundation, perfume or even mascara and do they have a tester. Some counters will have little samples left lying around from promotional gifts that they are happy to give away.

However do not make the mistake of going to lots of counters in the same shop as the assistants will catch on quite fast and will simply refuse to serve you. So ask but not for too much.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this then there are websites online that will send you samples through the post. Some are new products that companies need feedback on, or other companies will ask you to fill in surveys and send you a free product in the post.

However be warned that you may need to put in personal information like name, number, address and e-mail and you will probably have your details passed on to other companies. Also there is no guarantee that you will receive your goods.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Fooling Virtual Daily Makeover

As I was googeling makeover sites I came across another virtual makeover site called Daily make-over its like So I tried it out.

Firstly I had to register which is standard with many of these kinds of things. There were no terms and conditions to click, and it claims to be free. However before I had even fully registered I was quite sneakily transferred to put my details on another database that belonged to their sponsor offering a health newsletter. Luckily I realised this and clicked on skip.

When I finally got on I uploaded a picture and outlined it, as with Taaz, and got started. I put on a blonde wig, the graphics looked better than Taaz and it looked more realistic. Then I tried some make-up and was told I couldn’t use my chosen brand I was then transferred on to a page to enter my credit card details. When I didn’t I was booted off.

I tried to log in thinking this may be a simple mistake as I joined up for a free service. But it wouldn’t let me back on apparently I had ‘dropped out of our registration process’. Obviously to use their website I should share my personal details along with debit and credit card information with every Tom Dick and Harry.

Well I’m not that desperate; they can keep their expensive virtual make-up.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bobby Brown Selfridges Oxford Street

Andrea giving Elsa a make-over
I was impressed with Bobby Browns makeover, the counter and area was clean and tidy, and the staff were friendly. They didn’t give a full skin care consultation like the body shop but used good products that are for all skin types. The makeover took about 45 minutes and the make-up artist explained what she was doing and why. The make-up looked good although there wasn’t such a big difference between the day and night effects. The model loved it though and said the make-up was light and she felt more comfortable in it.

When we arrived at the Bobby Brown counter we were given a seat to wait for our make-up artist Andrea. She has an NVQ in hairdressing and beauty, and worked under make-up artist Sarah Burrows on strictly come dancing. Andrea has worked for Bobby Brown for three years and swears by their luscious products which contain no alcohol.

Andrea removing Elsas eye make-up
Andrea started by using soothing face tonic, containing lavender and cucumber to cleanse and sooth, and fresh cotton pads to remove the models make-up. She used new cotton buds to get right up close to the eye and remove the eyeliner.

Next Andrea put some Face Base moisturiser and primer in to her hands and warmed it up. She explained that you should warm it up and never use too much as the make-up may slide as she dabbed it gently on to the models face. Andrea then applied some hydrating eye cream around the models eyes using her ring finger while telling us that eye cream should always be worn before concealer.

Elsa in Natural Make-up
Make up application (natural look):
Andrea applied Bobby Browns best selling concealer under and around the models eyes using a brush. She told us that all of Bobby browns products contain yellow for all skin tones. She then dabbed the powder that comes with the concealer over it.

Sometimes the concealer covers so well that there is no need for foundation but she wanted to show us the full affect and so proceeded to test foundation colours on the models jaw line. Once she had chosen the appropriate colour she applied some foundation, starting at the middle, like The Body shop, with a brush. Bobby Brown's foundation is light and can be worn all year round, they do a wide range to suit every skin type and tone.

To keep the skin looking fresh and youthful Andrea decided to not put any powder over the foundation. She continued by using a crème rouge on the apple of the cheeks, by warming it up in hand and applying it with fingers. This rouge she explained can be used as not only a cheek colour but also a lip tint.

Next Andrea started on the eyes, she applied a base coat over the whole eyelid from eye lashes to brow line using a brush. She then put a shimmer on the eye lid using her finger and then blended it with a brush this, she explained, gives an intense colour.

Lastly she applied some lip gloss and our day wear natural look was complete.

Elsa in evening make-over
Make-up application (night wear)
Andrea carefully applied a black eye gel close to the eye lashes with a ultra fine brush. She also put a little underneath the eye from the outer corner to about half way in to open up the eye. She then defined the eyebrows with a new product eye brow powder pencil.

Lastly Andrea finished off by applying cream lipstick which hydrates and plumps with a brush, and finally finished by applying some blusher with a brush for the famous Bobby pop.
Elsa's eyes
Soothing face tonic £17.00
Moisturiser and primer face base £38.00
Hydrating eye cream £25.00
Concealer kit with powder £22.00
Skin foundation spf 15 (1) £28.00
Pot rough colour powder pink £16.00
Base colour bone matt £14.00
Lip gloss colour buff (10) £14.00
Gel long wear colour black £15.00

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Selfridges Oxford Street

Selfridges have the most amazing cosmetic counters ranging from Dior, Channel, Lancôme, Benefit, Bare minerals, Clinique, YSL, and the list continues.

I went to Selfridges in Oxford street and traipsed from counter to counter asking about makeovers or make-up advice and each charged. The minimum charge was £20 to £25 for most of the counters, however for the more haute couture brands like Dior the price was £35. These prices are all redeemable after the makeover on products you purchase, so invariably the makeover is free, but not on my budget.

The light at the end of the tunnel struck when I reached the fabulous Bobby Brown counter, and they booked my model in for a FREE make-up consultation in a few days. So keep your eyes open for my next blog on their makeover.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Make over Oxford Street Body Shop

Elaine and Elsa
The body shop in oxford streets makeover was very good; they were very hygienic and friendly. The makeover took an hour and the make-up artist took great care when showing the model how to apply it. She showed the model with a mirror step by step so she could understand what she was doing. The whole makeover took an hour, it was thourough and profesional.

They were very thorough giving a skin consultation and giving tips on good skin care. The make-up was fantastic and there was a huge difference between day and night looks with minimal tweaks. The model really liked it although she was not used to wearing that amount of make-up.

To begin they asked my model to take a seat and made sure she was happy and comfortable. Elaine, our make-up artist, has worked for The Body Shop since 2001 and had a thorough knowledge of their products.
Elaine removing Elsa's make-up
Elaine started with a full skin care consultation, at the standard of a top beauty salon, reviewing skin tendencies, and past and present skin care routines. When this was over she advised my model on the products she should be using. She has normal skin with an oily T-zone, and was given the vitamin E range, which is perfect for her skin. Other products would not be beneficial to her skin, such as tea tree, which could cause dehydration to her cheeks.

Elaine then continued by removing the make-up from my models skin, advising on everything. She used fresh cotton pads which she got from a packet in front of us, confirming that they have good hygiene standards. One important point to make is Elaine’s advice and procedure when removing my models eye make-up.

Firstly she put eye make-up remover on two cotton pads, she then folded one cotton pad and put it under the eye lashes of the bottom lid, next she put a cotton pad on top of the eye squashing the eyelashes like a sandwich. She left it on there for a few seconds to allow the mascara to disintegrate and the gently rolled the cotton pads off. This is how it should be done, it is gentle to the eye and stops any mascara from going in to the eye.

Elaine then used a brush to apply the Vitamin E moisturiser, she explained this was for health and safety reasons and said it’s nicer for the client than applying with hands. This impressed me as it proved the overall treatment was not just to promote the products but to make sure the client has an overall good experience.
Elsa in natural make-up
Make-up application (Day look):
To start the make-up Elaine tested different types of foundation on the chin, this gives the best matching results. Most people test on the hand but your hand is never the same tone as your face so you get an incorrect colour. She picked the correct shade and proceeded to apply it using a foundation brush. She started applying from the centre of the forehead and pulled outward. This gives better coverage and leaves no lines. When she was finished the models skin looked flawless with a youthful shine.

Next Elaine applied some face powder to set the foundation. She used a big brush and told the model to never use too much as an excessive amount will make the foundation look too thick.

For the eyes Elaine used shimmer cubes which come in packs of four. She started by applying a pinkie colour to the whole upper lid from the inner corner up to the eyebrow with a brush. A bronze cube was used for the outer corners and socket line. Finally she used a slanted brush and the darker brown cube in the outer corners pulling from the eyelash line out to meet the outer corner of the eyebrow. Next she blended it all together with a blending brush adding a bit more of the pink.

Elaine used a brown kohl eye liner which contains coco butter so warms up in the hand for easy application. She applied it closely to the top eyelashes and flicked it out a little, then to the bottom outer corners of the eye. This opens the eye making it look bigger. Next she blended the eyeliner using a sponge brush before adding the mascara with a clean, brand new, bent for client comfort wand.

Elaine then applied rouge to the apples of the cheeks by making her smile, starting in the middle and pulling out. She applied blush on radiance to the cheek and side of eye for a shimmery effect and finished by blending with the face powder.
Lastly she applied lip liner, blended it with a lip brush and then applied lip gloss to the lips.
Elsa in Night wear make-up
Make up application (Night look):
Elaine explained that the shimmer cubes could be used wet for a deeper colour. She wet a brush and like a paint pallet mixed it with the dark brown cube. She applied this from the outer lid under the socket to a third of the way in and we waited for it to dry. Next Elaine used the silvery brown cube to blend, and topped up the pink under the eye brow. Finally she topped up the lip gloss and the model went from a natural day time look to a night on the town.
The night look eyes
All body shop products are not tested on animals, and students get a discount on make-up and skin care.
- Camomile eye make-up remover £7.50
- Vitamin E Cleanser £6.50
- Vitamin E Toner £6.50
- Vitamin E cream £9.00
- Moisturising foundation sun factor 50 (3) £12.00
- Loose face powder £11.00
- Shimmer cubes number 6 £16.00
- Brown eye pencil liner £7.50
- Brown Mascara define and length £10.00
- Rose rouge (5) £8.50
- Blush on radiance £12.00
- Lipstick clover (6) £12.00
- Lip liner nut (02) £7.50
- High shine lip treatment mauve dream (02) £9.50

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Body Shop Oxford Street

Today I found out that The Body Shop give free makeovers, all they ask is that you buy one product or donate a little money, an amount of your choice.

They are campaigning against the child sex trade at the moment and who can begrudge such a worthy cause, certainly not me. The staff at the Oxford street branch of The Body Shop were so diligent within five minutes my model was booked in for a full face makeover. I shall post the results and pictures after the treatment.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Clinique Makeover

Jovanna and Elsa
The Clinique counter was better than I expected. The health standards were great, the staff were friendly, and they gave a great makeover including skincare and make-up advice.

When we arrived we were greeted by Jovanna our make-up artist who asked us to take a seat in a nice corner of the counter. She has worked for Clinique for two years and is a fully qualified make-up artist, as well as being in house trained. The makeover took around 45 minutes and was very thorough.
Skin computer
Firstly, Jovanna asked some general questions about the models skin like her skin care routine and any specific worries. She used a computer to decide on the models skin type and then gave advice on what the model should do. The computer correctly identified that the models skin was normal with an oily T-Zone.

Jovanna then told the model that she should use face masks 2-3 times a week and exfoliate, as this helps the moisturiser get through to the new skin cells.
She then removed the models make-up with eye make-up remover and cleansing milk using fresh cotton buds and cotton pads.

Every product was put on to a clean tissue and never used straight from the tub showing great hygiene procedures. She finished by applying moisturiser on to the models clean face.
Natural make-up
Make-up application (natural look):
Jovanna started the makeover by applying the concealer using a clean brush; she applied it under and around the eye. Next she applied the foundation after matching it to the models skin. Again, like all the other counters, she checked the tone on the models chin. Lastly, to set the base, she lightly applied a face powder with a powder brush.

The eyebrows were next on the list and Jovanna cleaned an eyebrow pen in front of us to validate their cleanliness. She then applied it to the models eyebrows to define them.

Jovanna started applying the eyeshadow by covering the eye lid from the inner to outer corner and up to the brow bone in 'Daybreak'. Next she applied 'Foxy' on the outer corner of the eye blending it outwards and up in to the socket line. It was all blended to give it a natural look and cleaned up with a cotton bud after to give a clean finish.

Jovanna then applied black eyeliner closely to the eye lashes to give them a thicker look. She then blended the eyeliner with a sponge brush so it looked natural. Lastly she applied some black mascara to the eye lashes using a clean disposable wand.

For the cheeks Jovanna used a pink colour and brushed it on to the apples of the cheeks. Then she applied a light bronzer to the whole face not forgetting the neck to avoid lines. Lastly, she applied a lipstick which she scraped on to a pallet and then used a brush to apply.
Night wear
Make-up application (night wear):
To transform the make-up in to something you could go out and party in, Jovanna used a range of eye shadows to create the desired look. 'Peacock' was applied to the eyelid just above the eye lashes. Next she used 'Midnight' on the outer corners and eye socket for more definition and to make the eyes pop. To highlight the brow bone Jovanna applied 'Outbreak' and blended it together with the other shadows.

To define the eyes more for an evening look, Jovanna applied black eyeliner on the eyelid near the eye lashes from the inner corner right across to the outer corner, where she pulled it out into a flick. She then applied it to the bottom of the eye pulling from near the lower eye lashes outer edge to about half way into the eye.
Night wear eye
Take the day off cleansing milk £15.50
Lips and lashes make-up remover £14.00
Super balanced make-up teint £20.00
Perfectly real foundation (02) £20.00
Airbrush concealer pen £15.00
Stay matte sheer pressed powder (02) £19.00
Super fine liner for blonde brows £11.00
Eye shadow Daybreak (310) £13.00
Eye shadow Foxy (404) £13.00
Eye shadow Peacock (325) £13.00
Quick liner for eyes Black £13.00
High impact mascara Black £14.50
Rough Aglow (101) £18.50
Sweet honey lipstick (96) £14.00
Almost bronzer SPF 15 £19.00

Thursday, 26 January 2012 Great Fun

Me as Claire Danes

To start with you have to join, but it wouldn’t let me read the privacy policy or the terms and conditions.

When you have joined you upload a photo that must be a front on portrait, with correct lighting. I had to then put the dots in the right place the whole process took about 10 minutes to configure the face correctly.
Me as Katie Perry
Once the face is configured and you have moved around the dots to the right places you can start playing about with it. It is easy to use and there are thousands of products, make-up and hair styles to pick from. Although it takes an awfully long time to load.

It is great I had so much fun and must admit was on it for hours, I even got my mum involved. I changed my hair colour and style and my eye colour. I went from Goth make-up to natural and tried everything in between.
Me as Christina Agulera
You can also pick your favourite celeb to look like. I strongly advise you all try it out! The only problem is that it does stick occasionally and a little clock comes up, and it also takes a while to load certain looks. I found I had to log out and back in again at times but perhaps that is because I was too excited and doing too much at one time.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Virtual Make-Over

Whilst googeling for an online journalism project for university, I came across the most extraordinary website. is a website that gives free virtual makeovers. It allows anyone with a digital photograph to try out new make-up trends. This makes make-up application quick, and easy allowing you to try 4,000 make-up products with a mere click of the mouse. was created in March 2008 and has since grown in popularity. It was set up by two, Jacobs School, computer scientists who invented algorithm. This separates gloss from mat and helps with facial recognition. This helps apply photo realistic make-up to your images. is free and simple to use. You upload a portrait digital photo of yourself, and the system instantly recognises your facial features. Then you can start playing around, choosing and applying, the thousands of products. You can also experiment with your hairstyle and change the colour of your eyes with contact lenses.

Other great reasons to use include, the ability to save products you have already used to avoid confusion, and you can post images of your new look to friends.

It sounds great fun. I will be experimenting with it tonight and will upload my thoughts very soon.

If you would like to read more click here.
Or try out Taaz for yourself.

Friday, 13 January 2012

You Tube Make up Tutorial

Whilst I was having a look around on youtube I found some great videos on make-up tutorials. I thought I would bring them to you.

How to do make-up:

How not to do make-up: