Friday, 27 January 2012

Clinique Makeover

Jovanna and Elsa
The Clinique counter was better than I expected. The health standards were great, the staff were friendly, and they gave a great makeover including skincare and make-up advice.

When we arrived we were greeted by Jovanna our make-up artist who asked us to take a seat in a nice corner of the counter. She has worked for Clinique for two years and is a fully qualified make-up artist, as well as being in house trained. The makeover took around 45 minutes and was very thorough.
Skin computer
Firstly, Jovanna asked some general questions about the models skin like her skin care routine and any specific worries. She used a computer to decide on the models skin type and then gave advice on what the model should do. The computer correctly identified that the models skin was normal with an oily T-Zone.

Jovanna then told the model that she should use face masks 2-3 times a week and exfoliate, as this helps the moisturiser get through to the new skin cells.
She then removed the models make-up with eye make-up remover and cleansing milk using fresh cotton buds and cotton pads.

Every product was put on to a clean tissue and never used straight from the tub showing great hygiene procedures. She finished by applying moisturiser on to the models clean face.
Natural make-up
Make-up application (natural look):
Jovanna started the makeover by applying the concealer using a clean brush; she applied it under and around the eye. Next she applied the foundation after matching it to the models skin. Again, like all the other counters, she checked the tone on the models chin. Lastly, to set the base, she lightly applied a face powder with a powder brush.

The eyebrows were next on the list and Jovanna cleaned an eyebrow pen in front of us to validate their cleanliness. She then applied it to the models eyebrows to define them.

Jovanna started applying the eyeshadow by covering the eye lid from the inner to outer corner and up to the brow bone in 'Daybreak'. Next she applied 'Foxy' on the outer corner of the eye blending it outwards and up in to the socket line. It was all blended to give it a natural look and cleaned up with a cotton bud after to give a clean finish.

Jovanna then applied black eyeliner closely to the eye lashes to give them a thicker look. She then blended the eyeliner with a sponge brush so it looked natural. Lastly she applied some black mascara to the eye lashes using a clean disposable wand.

For the cheeks Jovanna used a pink colour and brushed it on to the apples of the cheeks. Then she applied a light bronzer to the whole face not forgetting the neck to avoid lines. Lastly, she applied a lipstick which she scraped on to a pallet and then used a brush to apply.
Night wear
Make-up application (night wear):
To transform the make-up in to something you could go out and party in, Jovanna used a range of eye shadows to create the desired look. 'Peacock' was applied to the eyelid just above the eye lashes. Next she used 'Midnight' on the outer corners and eye socket for more definition and to make the eyes pop. To highlight the brow bone Jovanna applied 'Outbreak' and blended it together with the other shadows.

To define the eyes more for an evening look, Jovanna applied black eyeliner on the eyelid near the eye lashes from the inner corner right across to the outer corner, where she pulled it out into a flick. She then applied it to the bottom of the eye pulling from near the lower eye lashes outer edge to about half way into the eye.
Night wear eye
Take the day off cleansing milk £15.50
Lips and lashes make-up remover £14.00
Super balanced make-up teint £20.00
Perfectly real foundation (02) £20.00
Airbrush concealer pen £15.00
Stay matte sheer pressed powder (02) £19.00
Super fine liner for blonde brows £11.00
Eye shadow Daybreak (310) £13.00
Eye shadow Foxy (404) £13.00
Eye shadow Peacock (325) £13.00
Quick liner for eyes Black £13.00
High impact mascara Black £14.50
Rough Aglow (101) £18.50
Sweet honey lipstick (96) £14.00
Almost bronzer SPF 15 £19.00

Thursday, 26 January 2012 Great Fun

Me as Claire Danes

To start with you have to join, but it wouldn’t let me read the privacy policy or the terms and conditions.

When you have joined you upload a photo that must be a front on portrait, with correct lighting. I had to then put the dots in the right place the whole process took about 10 minutes to configure the face correctly.
Me as Katie Perry
Once the face is configured and you have moved around the dots to the right places you can start playing about with it. It is easy to use and there are thousands of products, make-up and hair styles to pick from. Although it takes an awfully long time to load.

It is great I had so much fun and must admit was on it for hours, I even got my mum involved. I changed my hair colour and style and my eye colour. I went from Goth make-up to natural and tried everything in between.
Me as Christina Agulera
You can also pick your favourite celeb to look like. I strongly advise you all try it out! The only problem is that it does stick occasionally and a little clock comes up, and it also takes a while to load certain looks. I found I had to log out and back in again at times but perhaps that is because I was too excited and doing too much at one time.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Virtual Make-Over

Whilst googeling for an online journalism project for university, I came across the most extraordinary website. is a website that gives free virtual makeovers. It allows anyone with a digital photograph to try out new make-up trends. This makes make-up application quick, and easy allowing you to try 4,000 make-up products with a mere click of the mouse. was created in March 2008 and has since grown in popularity. It was set up by two, Jacobs School, computer scientists who invented algorithm. This separates gloss from mat and helps with facial recognition. This helps apply photo realistic make-up to your images. is free and simple to use. You upload a portrait digital photo of yourself, and the system instantly recognises your facial features. Then you can start playing around, choosing and applying, the thousands of products. You can also experiment with your hairstyle and change the colour of your eyes with contact lenses.

Other great reasons to use include, the ability to save products you have already used to avoid confusion, and you can post images of your new look to friends.

It sounds great fun. I will be experimenting with it tonight and will upload my thoughts very soon.

If you would like to read more click here.
Or try out Taaz for yourself.

Friday, 13 January 2012

You Tube Make up Tutorial

Whilst I was having a look around on youtube I found some great videos on make-up tutorials. I thought I would bring them to you.

How to do make-up:

How not to do make-up: