Friday, 24 February 2012

Bobby Brown Selfridges Oxford Street

Andrea giving Elsa a make-over
I was impressed with Bobby Browns makeover, the counter and area was clean and tidy, and the staff were friendly. They didn’t give a full skin care consultation like the body shop but used good products that are for all skin types. The makeover took about 45 minutes and the make-up artist explained what she was doing and why. The make-up looked good although there wasn’t such a big difference between the day and night effects. The model loved it though and said the make-up was light and she felt more comfortable in it.

When we arrived at the Bobby Brown counter we were given a seat to wait for our make-up artist Andrea. She has an NVQ in hairdressing and beauty, and worked under make-up artist Sarah Burrows on strictly come dancing. Andrea has worked for Bobby Brown for three years and swears by their luscious products which contain no alcohol.

Andrea removing Elsas eye make-up
Andrea started by using soothing face tonic, containing lavender and cucumber to cleanse and sooth, and fresh cotton pads to remove the models make-up. She used new cotton buds to get right up close to the eye and remove the eyeliner.

Next Andrea put some Face Base moisturiser and primer in to her hands and warmed it up. She explained that you should warm it up and never use too much as the make-up may slide as she dabbed it gently on to the models face. Andrea then applied some hydrating eye cream around the models eyes using her ring finger while telling us that eye cream should always be worn before concealer.

Elsa in Natural Make-up
Make up application (natural look):
Andrea applied Bobby Browns best selling concealer under and around the models eyes using a brush. She told us that all of Bobby browns products contain yellow for all skin tones. She then dabbed the powder that comes with the concealer over it.

Sometimes the concealer covers so well that there is no need for foundation but she wanted to show us the full affect and so proceeded to test foundation colours on the models jaw line. Once she had chosen the appropriate colour she applied some foundation, starting at the middle, like The Body shop, with a brush. Bobby Brown's foundation is light and can be worn all year round, they do a wide range to suit every skin type and tone.

To keep the skin looking fresh and youthful Andrea decided to not put any powder over the foundation. She continued by using a crème rouge on the apple of the cheeks, by warming it up in hand and applying it with fingers. This rouge she explained can be used as not only a cheek colour but also a lip tint.

Next Andrea started on the eyes, she applied a base coat over the whole eyelid from eye lashes to brow line using a brush. She then put a shimmer on the eye lid using her finger and then blended it with a brush this, she explained, gives an intense colour.

Lastly she applied some lip gloss and our day wear natural look was complete.

Elsa in evening make-over
Make-up application (night wear)
Andrea carefully applied a black eye gel close to the eye lashes with a ultra fine brush. She also put a little underneath the eye from the outer corner to about half way in to open up the eye. She then defined the eyebrows with a new product eye brow powder pencil.

Lastly Andrea finished off by applying cream lipstick which hydrates and plumps with a brush, and finally finished by applying some blusher with a brush for the famous Bobby pop.
Elsa's eyes
Soothing face tonic £17.00
Moisturiser and primer face base £38.00
Hydrating eye cream £25.00
Concealer kit with powder £22.00
Skin foundation spf 15 (1) £28.00
Pot rough colour powder pink £16.00
Base colour bone matt £14.00
Lip gloss colour buff (10) £14.00
Gel long wear colour black £15.00

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Selfridges Oxford Street

Selfridges have the most amazing cosmetic counters ranging from Dior, Channel, Lancôme, Benefit, Bare minerals, Clinique, YSL, and the list continues.

I went to Selfridges in Oxford street and traipsed from counter to counter asking about makeovers or make-up advice and each charged. The minimum charge was £20 to £25 for most of the counters, however for the more haute couture brands like Dior the price was £35. These prices are all redeemable after the makeover on products you purchase, so invariably the makeover is free, but not on my budget.

The light at the end of the tunnel struck when I reached the fabulous Bobby Brown counter, and they booked my model in for a FREE make-up consultation in a few days. So keep your eyes open for my next blog on their makeover.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Make over Oxford Street Body Shop

Elaine and Elsa
The body shop in oxford streets makeover was very good; they were very hygienic and friendly. The makeover took an hour and the make-up artist took great care when showing the model how to apply it. She showed the model with a mirror step by step so she could understand what she was doing. The whole makeover took an hour, it was thourough and profesional.

They were very thorough giving a skin consultation and giving tips on good skin care. The make-up was fantastic and there was a huge difference between day and night looks with minimal tweaks. The model really liked it although she was not used to wearing that amount of make-up.

To begin they asked my model to take a seat and made sure she was happy and comfortable. Elaine, our make-up artist, has worked for The Body Shop since 2001 and had a thorough knowledge of their products.
Elaine removing Elsa's make-up
Elaine started with a full skin care consultation, at the standard of a top beauty salon, reviewing skin tendencies, and past and present skin care routines. When this was over she advised my model on the products she should be using. She has normal skin with an oily T-zone, and was given the vitamin E range, which is perfect for her skin. Other products would not be beneficial to her skin, such as tea tree, which could cause dehydration to her cheeks.

Elaine then continued by removing the make-up from my models skin, advising on everything. She used fresh cotton pads which she got from a packet in front of us, confirming that they have good hygiene standards. One important point to make is Elaine’s advice and procedure when removing my models eye make-up.

Firstly she put eye make-up remover on two cotton pads, she then folded one cotton pad and put it under the eye lashes of the bottom lid, next she put a cotton pad on top of the eye squashing the eyelashes like a sandwich. She left it on there for a few seconds to allow the mascara to disintegrate and the gently rolled the cotton pads off. This is how it should be done, it is gentle to the eye and stops any mascara from going in to the eye.

Elaine then used a brush to apply the Vitamin E moisturiser, she explained this was for health and safety reasons and said it’s nicer for the client than applying with hands. This impressed me as it proved the overall treatment was not just to promote the products but to make sure the client has an overall good experience.
Elsa in natural make-up
Make-up application (Day look):
To start the make-up Elaine tested different types of foundation on the chin, this gives the best matching results. Most people test on the hand but your hand is never the same tone as your face so you get an incorrect colour. She picked the correct shade and proceeded to apply it using a foundation brush. She started applying from the centre of the forehead and pulled outward. This gives better coverage and leaves no lines. When she was finished the models skin looked flawless with a youthful shine.

Next Elaine applied some face powder to set the foundation. She used a big brush and told the model to never use too much as an excessive amount will make the foundation look too thick.

For the eyes Elaine used shimmer cubes which come in packs of four. She started by applying a pinkie colour to the whole upper lid from the inner corner up to the eyebrow with a brush. A bronze cube was used for the outer corners and socket line. Finally she used a slanted brush and the darker brown cube in the outer corners pulling from the eyelash line out to meet the outer corner of the eyebrow. Next she blended it all together with a blending brush adding a bit more of the pink.

Elaine used a brown kohl eye liner which contains coco butter so warms up in the hand for easy application. She applied it closely to the top eyelashes and flicked it out a little, then to the bottom outer corners of the eye. This opens the eye making it look bigger. Next she blended the eyeliner using a sponge brush before adding the mascara with a clean, brand new, bent for client comfort wand.

Elaine then applied rouge to the apples of the cheeks by making her smile, starting in the middle and pulling out. She applied blush on radiance to the cheek and side of eye for a shimmery effect and finished by blending with the face powder.
Lastly she applied lip liner, blended it with a lip brush and then applied lip gloss to the lips.
Elsa in Night wear make-up
Make up application (Night look):
Elaine explained that the shimmer cubes could be used wet for a deeper colour. She wet a brush and like a paint pallet mixed it with the dark brown cube. She applied this from the outer lid under the socket to a third of the way in and we waited for it to dry. Next Elaine used the silvery brown cube to blend, and topped up the pink under the eye brow. Finally she topped up the lip gloss and the model went from a natural day time look to a night on the town.
The night look eyes
All body shop products are not tested on animals, and students get a discount on make-up and skin care.
- Camomile eye make-up remover £7.50
- Vitamin E Cleanser £6.50
- Vitamin E Toner £6.50
- Vitamin E cream £9.00
- Moisturising foundation sun factor 50 (3) £12.00
- Loose face powder £11.00
- Shimmer cubes number 6 £16.00
- Brown eye pencil liner £7.50
- Brown Mascara define and length £10.00
- Rose rouge (5) £8.50
- Blush on radiance £12.00
- Lipstick clover (6) £12.00
- Lip liner nut (02) £7.50
- High shine lip treatment mauve dream (02) £9.50

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Body Shop Oxford Street

Today I found out that The Body Shop give free makeovers, all they ask is that you buy one product or donate a little money, an amount of your choice.

They are campaigning against the child sex trade at the moment and who can begrudge such a worthy cause, certainly not me. The staff at the Oxford street branch of The Body Shop were so diligent within five minutes my model was booked in for a full face makeover. I shall post the results and pictures after the treatment.