Saturday, 31 March 2012

Benefit Makeover

Benefit Make-over
Benefits makeover was not as good as I expected. Although the staff were energetic and friendly I felt a lack of hygiene and professionalism. The make-up artist did not give any kind of skin care consultation; neither did she remove any of the models make-up before starting the makeover. The makeover lasted around half an hour. The make-up artist did explain what she was doing using a mirror to show the model how to apply the make-up. What I did like about Benefit is that they provide catalogues with products and prices in them.

The make-up looked good although the model said it felt too thick perhaps this was because her old make-up was just built on. There was not much of a difference between the day and night looks either. Unfortunately we were not able to take photos in the store and so I had to use my Blackberry which may explain why they are not very clear.

The hygiene was not up to scratch, first the brushes contained remnants of old make-up meaning that they had not been cleaned thoroughly. The make-up was applied straight from pots when it should be put on to a tissue or pallet and then transferred on to the clients face. These are major problems as they can cause cross contamination in other words they can carry germs and diseases such as ring worm or conjunctivitis from one person to another. Another complaint although this may seem petty is that a wooden stick was used to apply lipstick and lip gloss; this feels rough and uncomfortable for the client, which is not good customer care.

When we first arrived at Benefit in House of Frasier in Oxford Street we were greeted politely by our make-up artist Lola. We were given stools to sit on and the girls were welcoming and friendly. Lola had been working for Benefit for a year and two months. She was not make-up trained but got the job by auditioning and was in house trained by Benefit.

Model in Day Make-up
Make up application (natural look):
Lola started by applying 'Some Kind of Gorgeous' foundation which comes in one colour suiting everyone, she applied it with a foundation brush, starting from the middle of the face.

Next she started on the eyes using a 'Big Beautiful' eye pallet which comes with three colours. She applied the middle colour all over the eyelid from eyelashes up to the brow line using a blending brush. Using the lighter colour in the pallet she highlighted the brow bone, and then she applied the darkest colour to the outer corner and blended it in to the socket line.

For the cheeks and lips Lola used a 'Posy Tint'. She applied the liquid to the apples of the cheeks using her finger rubbing it until it looked natural. Next she applied the same tint to the lips using a cotton bud.

Finally she applied the 'Bad Girl Mascara' using a clean wand to the eyelashes.

Applying lip gloss
Make-up application (night wear)
Lola started transforming the look by applying 'Hello Flawless' face powder all over the models face with a big brush, including under the chin to avoid lines and shade difference between the neck and face.

Next she applies sparkly eye shadow 'Lustre Duster' under the eyebrow to highlight the eyebrow bone. To give the model a darker shade she applied 'Rose Gold Bronzer' all over the models face and neck. For the cheeks Lola applied Sugar Bomb to the apples.

She finished by applying 'Bad Girl Plump Mascara' to the tips of the eyelashes and adding a new product 'Brow zings' to the eyebrows to define them. Finally she applied 'Kiss You Love Your Look Gloss' with a stick to the client’s lips.
Elsa's eyes
Some Kind of Gorgeous £21.50
Big Beautiful Eyes £23.50
Posy Tint £23.50
Bad girl Mascara £15.50
Hello Flawless shade Champaign £24.50
Lustre Duster shade Snow Bunny £13.50
Rose Gold Bronzer £23.50
Sugar Bomb £23.50
Bad Girl Plump Mascara £15.50
Brow zings £22.50
Kiss You Love You Look Gloss £14.00

Friday, 23 March 2012

Benefit Counter Search

Today I went for another look for other make-up counters down Oxford Street I wanted to get a makeover by Benefit as I like their make-up. I went to the Benefit counters in Selfridges, and Boots and both charged. However the counter in House of Frasier didn’t, so I booked in. It just shows if you look around and ask, you can always get what you want. I will keep you up dated on how the makeover goes.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

How To Get Testers

If you don’t ask you don’t get guys. People have asked me where to get testers and the trick is to go to a big department store and ask for them. For example I know for a fact that lots of big counters do have testers to give out. Usually you have to buy a product and then say you have been thinking about getting a new foundation, perfume or even mascara and do they have a tester. Some counters will have little samples left lying around from promotional gifts that they are happy to give away.

However do not make the mistake of going to lots of counters in the same shop as the assistants will catch on quite fast and will simply refuse to serve you. So ask but not for too much.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this then there are websites online that will send you samples through the post. Some are new products that companies need feedback on, or other companies will ask you to fill in surveys and send you a free product in the post.

However be warned that you may need to put in personal information like name, number, address and e-mail and you will probably have your details passed on to other companies. Also there is no guarantee that you will receive your goods.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Fooling Virtual Daily Makeover

As I was googeling makeover sites I came across another virtual makeover site called Daily make-over its like So I tried it out.

Firstly I had to register which is standard with many of these kinds of things. There were no terms and conditions to click, and it claims to be free. However before I had even fully registered I was quite sneakily transferred to put my details on another database that belonged to their sponsor offering a health newsletter. Luckily I realised this and clicked on skip.

When I finally got on I uploaded a picture and outlined it, as with Taaz, and got started. I put on a blonde wig, the graphics looked better than Taaz and it looked more realistic. Then I tried some make-up and was told I couldn’t use my chosen brand I was then transferred on to a page to enter my credit card details. When I didn’t I was booted off.

I tried to log in thinking this may be a simple mistake as I joined up for a free service. But it wouldn’t let me back on apparently I had ‘dropped out of our registration process’. Obviously to use their website I should share my personal details along with debit and credit card information with every Tom Dick and Harry.

Well I’m not that desperate; they can keep their expensive virtual make-up.