Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Facial

Today I gave myself a facial with the Dr Bragi products I was sent.
Dr Bragi is a skin care brand that fuses marine biochemistry with pure natural ingredients.
The formulas are as clean as possible. All artificial preservatives, perfumes, dyes, lanolin, silicone and lipids are excluded. Instead, marine enzymes and raw materials are used. For this reason Dr Bragi have the safest formulas on the market, suitable for everyone including those with fragile sensitive skins. All products are also all unisex.

Dr Bragi's formulas are designed to speed up the cellular process. The marine enzymes help combat environmental and internal damage triggered by life style and hormonal changes. They holistically correct numerous problems including poor circulation and the loss of nutrients, collagen and elastin preventing the appearance of signs of ageing.

So, I started with the Bio Marine Exfolient which is 98% natural fossilised diatom algae. Although it does not have a strong overbearing smell it had a faint whiff of seaweed and the sea. The fine sand like texture appealed to me greatly. I usually feel sore after using face scrubs but after this one my skin felt healthy and clean. It got rid of my dead skin cells readying my skin for the next stage to allow enzymes to work in to the deeper layers of the skin.
Next, I used the Intensive treatment mask, also full of marine enzymes designed to rapidly target redness, dehydration and signs of ageing. I wasnt enthrauled with this product to be honest: It was a piece of material that is meant to be placed on the face, except it didnt properly fit mine. I had to lay for fifteen minuets in order for the mask to stay on which is inconvenient with my busy lifestyle. Again, there was no smell. Having said that, usually after facemasks my cheeks feel dry and tight. This one, however left my skin, although slightly greasy to the touch, soft, moisturised and healthy.

Lastly I applied the Age management marine enzyme which centers around a penzyme - an active but gentle deeply penetrating marine enzyme targeting all signs of ageing - which moisturises and sothes the skin whilst nourashing it. Again, there was no scent to it. My skin felt healthy, plump and soft, although perhaps, a little too greasy for my liking.
All in all I like the idea of this product and all it stands for. I think its great for dehydrated ageing skin but is not for me.

Sunday, 13 January 2013


I was sent a tub of Moa ‘the green balm’ its a 100% natural healing balm full of herbs that heal and repair.

The main ingredient is Yarrow also known as Achillea millefolium, which is renowned for its healing properties. It also includes tea-tree oil in a natural antiseptic, as well as beeswax, coconut, sweet oil, and soya beans which nourish and protect the skin.

This is the most magnificent pot of magic you will ever own. It is a must have, a vital part of your everyday beauty kit.

It soothes dry itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriases; treats cold sores and chapped lips; can be mixed with water and used to sooth a sore throat; calms sunburnt skin; helps to heal minor cuts and bruises, burns and blisters. It also combats insect bites and stings as well as athletes foot.

Not only does it do all this but can be used to moisturise and soothe skin on hands, calm areas after shaving or waxing, as well as cooling skin after tattoos. It combats acne prone skin, conditions eyelashes to promote growth, helps fade stretch marks and can be used as a facial balm to remove make-up and moisturise the skin.

Obviously I haven’t tried it on all these conditions. However I have found it soothed an itchy cut, it felt amazing on my face, hands and chapped lips. My eyelashes are in great condition after using it to take off my mascara. I now don’t leave the house without it.  

Friday, 4 January 2013

Cosmetic Surgery Review

Aggressive advertising used by providers of cosmetic surgery should be curbed, an interim report of the industry has said. The review comes following the Pip scandal in which 50,000 British women were given faulty implants.

There has been strong support for a ban on cut price, time limited, two for one discounts and aggressive selling in the sector. Offering cosmetic operations as competition prizes is also to be banned according to a wide ranging review of the regulation of cosmetic surgery being led by Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS Medical adviser.

The review saw 180 patients, industry representatives and members of the public interviewed as part of their consultations. The findings called for tighter restrictions on the sales and advertising of cosmetic procedures as well as a greater enforcement of existing legislation.

There have also been calls for a ban on free consultations, which puts pressure on patients to decide there and then. Patients should also be given a calling off period by introducing a two stage consent process as well as being given thorough information on the procedure and its side effects, including pictures of scars and bruising. 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nail news

In this party season we all want to look good and why not start with our nails?

The nail market is booming at the moment with every brand introducing new products, so here is some of the in news.

Essie have brought out a range of bold colours for the autumn to match the classic statement fashion of the moment. 'Stylenomics', an opulent green which is said to be the new black; 'Recessionista' is a smart and sassy magenta; the chic and executive greige comes in the form of 'miss fancy pants'; a gorgeous burgundy under the name of 'skirting the issue', 'Dont sweater it' is a warm mauve, or why not take charge with the red 'Head mistress'?

For those who prefer gel nail polishes, Artistic Fall have introduced a new mood inspired collection. The new shades reflect the mood of the season on catwalks and trends hitting the high street. Colours range from a striking velvet cherry to subtle pink as well as embracing chocolate and gold shades.

Magnetic and metalic looks are the main trend this season and China Glaze have embraced this and released their new magnetix range. This polish creates a tiger stripe effect after the magnetic brush cap is hovered over wet nails. This new range comes in eight magnificent colours including gold, blue, pink, mauve, brown and silver.

As we all know sometimes the smell of nails list can be overwhelming for some people this is why Ferity have created scented enamel. There are three different ranges on offer at the moment fruit, floral and the scent of gossip. They have also created their scented nail polish remover pads with fruitylicious smells.

Color club a NYC based company's brain child Ruby Wing have come up with a photochromic nail varnish which changes colour in the sun. One bottle gives you two distinct colours. This range comes in 18 colour bottles creating 36 stunning shades.

Lastly, over the last few years nail wraps have grown with popularity. Nail FX have introduced their 3D nail wraps coming in 36 stunning designs while Kooky have brought out metallic animal print wraps for those of you who are more adventurous.

Friday, 2 November 2012

NYX my new fave make up brand

Olympia beauty for any beauty fanatic is like a treasure trove of fascination. It's an eagerly anticipated annual event, a day where you can pick up products at trade prices. This year I went with the intention of checking out new cosmetics on the scene, of course that did not transpire and I ended up begrudgingly spending some of my hard earned cash.

One of the Main attractions for me were China glaze where I bought two of the new Bohemian range nail enamels. I could go on for hours about how good china glaze are but I won't because most of you beauty lovers will know, however the bohemian range gives your nails a lovely two tone effect that is slightly metallic, the in look this winter.

The other was the NYX professional make up stand. It seems to have grown in popularity as the crowds surrounding it were almost impossible to infiltrate. NYX cosmetics have built a strong reputation within the professional make up market world wide and are still growing in popularity.

NYX , pronounced niks, was named after the Greek goddess of the night, in Greek mythology she ruled nightfall. She is a symbol of beauty and power, the brand uses this as inspiration to bring cosmetics to empower the everyday woman.

I bought the blusher, bronzer combo, a body bronzer and the soft matte lip cream. I must say I am thrilled with the results, on a daily bases someone asks me about what make up I use on my lips and cheeks, and I am happy to tell them "NYX". My cheeks look like they have a healthy glow, and my lips not only feel smooth but look great.

Luckily for us girls NYX has finally come to London and I can't wait to try more of their fantastic affordable products, I advise you to also.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Bliss Fabulous Skin-rejuvenating Rubberising Mask

I was given this face mask to try over the weekend, and I must say I am very pleased with the results.
It comes to your home straight from Bliss spa and its rubber texture enhances absorption of key ingredients to deliver healthy skin.

The secret to this unique face mask is the Algin which rubberises it allowing the key ingredients like seaweed, which draws out impurities, bilberry and vitamin C, which sooth and calm the skin fending off free radicals, leaving the skin brighter with an even tone and texture.

To begin with I was not happy with the mask but that was my fault. It said leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes and then peel it off. However I decided that after the twenty minutes some of the mask still looked a damp grey colour, while other parts looked white and cracked. So I left it on for a bit longer. After half an hour most of it looked dry-ish so I decided to peel it off, which didn’t work. I was forced to scratch the dry bits off while the moist bits peeled away like they should have done. So in conclusion I left it on too long and should have taken it off when it went from purple to grey, and not white. My face ended up red and irritated but after a few minutes it all went down leaving my skin looking clean and vibrant. It had a healthy glow, looked even in tone and was soft to the touch.

I will use this face mask again and at £35 for a pack of 6 it’s quite the bargain!    

Lush’s new FUN bar

Lush, one of my favorite bath brands, have unveiled their latest invention the ‘FUN’ bar. I must say I think it is their most fabulous invention yet, but that may just be my childish side coming out to play at bath time.

This multi-purpose, mouldable soap is amazing, you can wash your hands with it, shower with it and bath with it for masses of bubbles. But that’s not all you can use this soap to wash your hair or clothes with as well as being able to play and mould it because of the putty like texture.

The FUN bar has a softening base of corn flour, talc and glycerine. Cornstarch or corn flour is made from maize which is used to make a thick paste for cooking and confectionery making. When mixed with water Cornstarch forms a gel which makes the skin soft and tender. The Glycerine is palm-free and made from vegetable oils, so it’s great for dry or sensitive skin with its high moisturising qualities. The FUN bar is solid, with little water content so uses no preservatives. It is gentle on the skin, hair, scalp and body so is great for the whole family. It is even wrapped in a biodegradable film of cellulose, made from eucalyptus. Once it has been disposed of, it breaks down in to water and carbon dioxide in the natural environment, so it’s even good for the environment.  

The FUN bar comes in five different colours and smells:
-Sentai Ranger Green, was what I received, with lemon and lime oils to awaken the senses. After I bathed in it I smelt like a green Starburst.
-Sentai Ranger Yellow contains Vanilla and Gardenia extracts for a comforting marzipan aroma.
-Sentai Ranger Blue makes for a calming soothing bath with its mix of calming oils such as Lavender and Camomile.
-Sentai Ranger Red possesses a fruity combination of orange and mandarin oils revitalising the mind.
-Sentai Ranger Pink is a girly sweet treat mix of tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid which have warming qualities and help with circulation.