Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Facial

Today I gave myself a facial with the Dr Bragi products I was sent.
Dr Bragi is a skin care brand that fuses marine biochemistry with pure natural ingredients.
The formulas are as clean as possible. All artificial preservatives, perfumes, dyes, lanolin, silicone and lipids are excluded. Instead, marine enzymes and raw materials are used. For this reason Dr Bragi have the safest formulas on the market, suitable for everyone including those with fragile sensitive skins. All products are also all unisex.

Dr Bragi's formulas are designed to speed up the cellular process. The marine enzymes help combat environmental and internal damage triggered by life style and hormonal changes. They holistically correct numerous problems including poor circulation and the loss of nutrients, collagen and elastin preventing the appearance of signs of ageing.

So, I started with the Bio Marine Exfolient which is 98% natural fossilised diatom algae. Although it does not have a strong overbearing smell it had a faint whiff of seaweed and the sea. The fine sand like texture appealed to me greatly. I usually feel sore after using face scrubs but after this one my skin felt healthy and clean. It got rid of my dead skin cells readying my skin for the next stage to allow enzymes to work in to the deeper layers of the skin.
Next, I used the Intensive treatment mask, also full of marine enzymes designed to rapidly target redness, dehydration and signs of ageing. I wasnt enthrauled with this product to be honest: It was a piece of material that is meant to be placed on the face, except it didnt properly fit mine. I had to lay for fifteen minuets in order for the mask to stay on which is inconvenient with my busy lifestyle. Again, there was no smell. Having said that, usually after facemasks my cheeks feel dry and tight. This one, however left my skin, although slightly greasy to the touch, soft, moisturised and healthy.

Lastly I applied the Age management marine enzyme which centers around a penzyme - an active but gentle deeply penetrating marine enzyme targeting all signs of ageing - which moisturises and sothes the skin whilst nourashing it. Again, there was no scent to it. My skin felt healthy, plump and soft, although perhaps, a little too greasy for my liking.
All in all I like the idea of this product and all it stands for. I think its great for dehydrated ageing skin but is not for me.


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