Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nail news

In this party season we all want to look good and why not start with our nails?

The nail market is booming at the moment with every brand introducing new products, so here is some of the in news.

Essie have brought out a range of bold colours for the autumn to match the classic statement fashion of the moment. 'Stylenomics', an opulent green which is said to be the new black; 'Recessionista' is a smart and sassy magenta; the chic and executive greige comes in the form of 'miss fancy pants'; a gorgeous burgundy under the name of 'skirting the issue', 'Dont sweater it' is a warm mauve, or why not take charge with the red 'Head mistress'?

For those who prefer gel nail polishes, Artistic Fall have introduced a new mood inspired collection. The new shades reflect the mood of the season on catwalks and trends hitting the high street. Colours range from a striking velvet cherry to subtle pink as well as embracing chocolate and gold shades.

Magnetic and metalic looks are the main trend this season and China Glaze have embraced this and released their new magnetix range. This polish creates a tiger stripe effect after the magnetic brush cap is hovered over wet nails. This new range comes in eight magnificent colours including gold, blue, pink, mauve, brown and silver.

As we all know sometimes the smell of nails list can be overwhelming for some people this is why Ferity have created scented enamel. There are three different ranges on offer at the moment fruit, floral and the scent of gossip. They have also created their scented nail polish remover pads with fruitylicious smells.

Color club a NYC based company's brain child Ruby Wing have come up with a photochromic nail varnish which changes colour in the sun. One bottle gives you two distinct colours. This range comes in 18 colour bottles creating 36 stunning shades.

Lastly, over the last few years nail wraps have grown with popularity. Nail FX have introduced their 3D nail wraps coming in 36 stunning designs while Kooky have brought out metallic animal print wraps for those of you who are more adventurous.

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