Friday, 2 November 2012

NYX my new fave make up brand

Olympia beauty for any beauty fanatic is like a treasure trove of fascination. It's an eagerly anticipated annual event, a day where you can pick up products at trade prices. This year I went with the intention of checking out new cosmetics on the scene, of course that did not transpire and I ended up begrudgingly spending some of my hard earned cash.

One of the Main attractions for me were China glaze where I bought two of the new Bohemian range nail enamels. I could go on for hours about how good china glaze are but I won't because most of you beauty lovers will know, however the bohemian range gives your nails a lovely two tone effect that is slightly metallic, the in look this winter.

The other was the NYX professional make up stand. It seems to have grown in popularity as the crowds surrounding it were almost impossible to infiltrate. NYX cosmetics have built a strong reputation within the professional make up market world wide and are still growing in popularity.

NYX , pronounced niks, was named after the Greek goddess of the night, in Greek mythology she ruled nightfall. She is a symbol of beauty and power, the brand uses this as inspiration to bring cosmetics to empower the everyday woman.

I bought the blusher, bronzer combo, a body bronzer and the soft matte lip cream. I must say I am thrilled with the results, on a daily bases someone asks me about what make up I use on my lips and cheeks, and I am happy to tell them "NYX". My cheeks look like they have a healthy glow, and my lips not only feel smooth but look great.

Luckily for us girls NYX has finally come to London and I can't wait to try more of their fantastic affordable products, I advise you to also.

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